Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shoe Design Competition - MFDC 2010: 1st Prize Ladies Leisure Shoe

Shoe Design Competition, MFDC 2010
1st Prize Ladies Leisure Shoes
Photo taken by my friend, Kelly, another design student.

Note: this is the last entry for this blog. you can find my new blog is at

The photo above is my winning entry for the MFDC 2010 Shoe Design Competition in the Ladies Leisure Shoe category. Finals were held last year April, my birthday month. So that was a really wonderful birthday present!

The competition is organised by the Malaysian Footwear Association. The way the competition works is that there are 4 categories:  Ladies Fashion Shoe, Ladies Evening Shoe, Ladies Leisure Shoes and Men's Shoe.  The Grand Prize Winner is chosen from among the 1st prize winners of each category. I didn't win the Grand Prize.....that was won by the winner of the Ladies Fashion Shoe, and it was very well deserved as his design was outstanding.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wishing you a Joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year

My Christmas Tree
Notes from the Sewing Studio 2009

Wishing you a Christmas that's full of Joy, Peace and Happiness.
May 2010 be the year your dreams come true.

See you in the New Year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

MFDC Shoe Design Competition - I've been shortlisted!

What a lovely Christmas surprise!
I've been shortlisted for the finals of the Malaysian Footwear Design Competition (MFDC) 2010, organised by the Perak Footwear Association.

Design teacher, Jasmi, helped me to focus and fine-tune my design for the leisure shoe category.

So Jasmi, a BIG "thank you" to you!

Finalists will take part in a fashion show to be held in 2010.
Next step is to get the shoe design made up.
The folks at the Perak Footwear Association have offered to help source an interested manufacturer.

This is sooooo exciting.......

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I feel a new hobby coming on.......

Limhwa Half Elf
photo credit: needoll @ flickr

My original purpose was to get a ball-jointed doll to practise draping/pattern-making and design sampling.
After doing my research on what's available out there dolly-wise, I'm hooked and well on the way to joining the ranks of all the ball-jointed doll addicts out there.

I've made my first purchase: a 57cm Limhwa half-elf.

I requested red hair and green eyes as she's going to be an Irish elf-princess.
I'll get additional wigs and eyes later on for different looks. And I'm going to be doing the face-up for her.....apparently, all it takes is some practise......

I ordered from their US-based international site, , and had some queries which were answered promptly by 2 very helpful ladies, Catrina and Joan.

There are so many dolls out there and deciding which one to get is a real headache. It was a good thing I found the Den of Angels Forum, as they have discussions going on for all the various types of dolls.

Thanks to the discussions at Den of Angels, I realised I needed to get the optional high-heel feet as well as the normal feet and I was able to make the order together with the doll, saving me additional international courier fees.

There is also a thread comparing the poseability of the dolls, which is an important factor for me as I intend to use the doll as a photo model for my design samples. And the biggest bonus? some helpful person measured up her Limhwa elf and now I have a full set of measurements which means I can get some new clothes ready for her. The poor thing comes naked.

I also found the Flickr Ball-Jointed Dolls' groups to contain tons of photo's of the various dolls, which is great as I could see the dolls in various angles and different poses.

Here are some of the groups I looked at.

Be warned though......

photo credit:  Sⓘndy @ Flickr

How can you  resist these?
..........which is why I'm my way to the Latidoll site......

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ever wanted to try drafting your own dress patterns?

Pattern Drafts
image from

Welcome back Don Morin (aka Weekend Designer)!
Yes, it's true and it says so on his Wkdesigner blog.

Folks, this is the place to go if you've ever wanted to try drafting your own patterns.

The Weekend Designer has 100 posts giving pattern drafting lessons from belts to evening gowns.

here's the link:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spring 2010 Trends: Corsets / Bustiers

Spring 2010 Trends: Corsets
images from

Designers continue the trend for corsets / bustiers into Spring 2010.

A new development: peplums.
I like Lanvin's elegant flowing cocktail number and Karl Lagerfeld's chic top which looks great paired with a short skirt or shorts.

Victor and Rolf's ruffled corset is perfect for Spring 2010's  lighter mood.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fall 2009: Bustiers and/or Corsets

Fall 2009 Corsets
Images from

There's something about a corset that makes me feel all dressed-up, whether I'm pairing it with a pair of jeans, loose evening trousers or over a full skirt.

note: Some people may refer to the above-type corsets as bustiers to distinguish between lingerie and well, not lingerie. So what do you call a bustier with a built-in bra?
A Cortier?