Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sewing is taking over my home and life

sewing is slowly taking over my life and my home.
or at least my dining area, which is basically 1/2 the living area which occupies most of the 790 sq. ft. i live in.

it all began when i decided an industrial machine would enhance my sewing experience.

the only spot for it was at the far end of the dining room where the sideboard is, near the shoe cabinet and front door.

well, i didn't want any fabric accidently touching shoes or any dust which may blow in from the front door. So i bought a full length cupboard to block off the entrance area. i placed it so the cupboard doors were next to the front door.

that worked great.
the cupboard now holds all the shoes, plus i have room for all the other stuff one leaves lying around the front door.

of course, that meant i had to move the dining table.

now the chandelier is not directly on top of the dining table any more. and of course the side board had to be moved to accomodate the machine. oh, and the wall lights which were above the sideboard and now above the sewing machine is now not bright enough. and there are no wall plug points for the machine.

the back of the new cupboard is next to the machine which makes it a great place for a memo board. that means sticking some corkboard on so i can pin up sewing designs, notes, reminders etc.

time to get maintenance in.
ummm, since he's going to disrupt my life anyway, might as well dig out the (long) list of other maintenance jobs waiting to be done so he can disrupt my life all in one go rather than in tortuous installments.

now all i have to do is to find a spot for the two dress forms i bought........

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