Monday, August 10, 2009

Fashion History - the BIBA sensation

image from contributed by ekittiekat

no one can get past the 60's without mentioning BIBA.
Barbara Hulanicki started BIBA as a budget mail order business. It's main appeal was that it brought affordable versions of high-fashion to the average woman on the street.
The first BIBA store opened in 1964 and was an instant hit. From there the company expanded into children's wear, men's wear, cosmetics, perfume and even home furnishings. In 1974, BIBA moved to a 7 storey building in Kensington High Street and incorporated a food hall, book store and a logo shop selling various mechandise with the BIBA logo, but financial troubles forced its closure a year later.
The BIBA look is of skinny round-eyed fresh-faced girls in mini-smocks of blended autumnal berry colours.....plums, blueberries, rust.

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