Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Day at SML

Don't just learn the tricks of the trade. Learn the trade.
unknown author

I like SML already. Mdm. Tan is truly dedicated to making sure the students understand the lessons. And even better, i discovered she graduated from Bunka, the same school as yohji yamamoto and junya watanabe!

Today we went through the basic bodice and sleeve drafts using the Bunka method. Mdm demonstrated how to measure the customer. There were more measurements than i was used to: a total of 19 different measurements.

practically no part of the body was left unmeasured!
(ok, maybe just the ankles).

that's the japs for you. very meticulous and precise.

Next, she demonstrated how to do the drafts with detailed explanations. I took down notes furiously, there was so much to learn. after the demo, i had to do the drafting on my own. After mdm had marked the drafts, the final exercise was to do scale drawings for my file. This too, had to be checked by mdm. All too soon, 5:30pm came around and it was time to leave.

Tomorrow, is my first design class. since I started late, I'll have some catching up to do.


  1. hi osman,
    the school is located in jln bukit bintang opp the federal hotel. it's on the 2nd floor next to the men's tailor. here's a link to their website.