Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Julie's Bustier & Mermaid Skirt - work in progress

This grey satin bustier & mermaid skirt is part of a set which includes a pink & gold lace kebaya top.

this is a really versatile combination as all the pieces can be mixed and matched with other items. the bustier & skirt worn with or without a sash would make a lovely evening outfit.

1st fitting has been done for the bustier & skirt.

the fitting went well, but i do need to make 2 changes:

1. with the bustier, some ladies get the "slipping" feeling at the sides. you can tell if they pull up the sides during fitting. sometimes they ask for the top of the bustier to be made tighter. if the fit is right, it's a support issue. so i'm going to add some boning to the side seams and that feeling should go away.

2. the other things that needs fixing are the facings at the tops of the bustier and skirt, which are too soft. so i'm going to replace those with a stiffer interfacing which would hold the shape better.

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