Saturday, October 24, 2009

jean is on vacation. back on 30th October

jean's travel pics: pow in hanoi

well, i'm packed and all ready for my adventure in exotic Sri Lanka. travelling by budget no-frills airline Air Asia and with a small tour group. there are 10 of us.
having globetrotted since my teens, i now know better and always travel light. there's nothing more stressful than wandering around strange airports, lugging around a lot of stuff i don't use.

for anything more than a week, i usually pack for 5 days. i don't pack consumables which can be purchased at the destination. a couple of dollars for mosquito repellent is small change, compared to the cost of air-tickets and hotel. and excess baggage charges.

Sri Lanka is 6 days, 5 nights.
weather is hot. 25 - 30 degress celsius. and humid.

very strenous sightseeing all the way and all but one night are overnight stops.
that means 4 hotels in 6 days. no time to send stuff to the laundry so more tops needed.

i have 2 bags: 1 check in with wheels, and a backpack.
passport and tickets goes into the bum bag for easy access.
photocopies of passport goes into the backpack and one set is kept at home.

here's my capsule:

in the check-in:
2 pairs jeans; 1 skirt, 6 t-shirts, 2 which can be dressed up if needed; scrunchable canvas hat, 1 pair spare sandals. 1 cotton "gym" pants and t-shirt for sleeping.

in the backpack:
jumper, shawl, socks
air asia's no-frills = no blankets.

i'll be travelling in jeans, t-shirt, sandals.

see you all on the 30th October!

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