Monday, October 19, 2009

Spring 2010 Trend - Style - Femme Fatale

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The femme fatale is making a comeback led by John Galliano at Christian Dior.

Galliano is worth watching for two reasons: a. he is said to be the models' favorite designer, and we all know fashionista's watch what models are wearing;  b. he tends to be a trendsetter for other designers.
last season, he shows the boudoir look and voila! this season underwear is everywhere.

The femme fatale had always existed .......the original femme fatale was mother-of-all-mankind, eve from the bible, who caused the downfall of not just one man, but everybody. Lucrezia Borgia, poisoner extraordinaire from the italian renaissance period and Mata Hari, a dutch exotic dancer turned spy during the 1st world war were femme fatale's from the archives of history.

But it was Hollywood who really made the femme fatale famous in the 30's and 40's, with stars like Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford and Marlene Dietrich.

Must-have's for budding femme fatale's are the smoldering eyes and lipstick red lips, parted ever so slightly. Helpful items would be the Veronica Lake hair-do, preferably covering one eye and the killer heels. You can be a blonde or redhead, no rules here, but being brunette definitely adds to the dark mystery.

Get some dress to kill ideas in the pics above.

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