Thursday, October 22, 2009

Work in Progress - Shirley's Ball Gown (2)

This is part 2 of this ballgown in progress.
pics for part 1 can be seen here

if i've not been my usual prolific blogging self, it's because of sleepless nights beavering away on the gown which is for a ball on the 31st, and which meant i had to complete it by saturday.

because, come sunday, i'll be flying west to eat lobsters and admire gemstones in sri lanka for 5 days. not that i've done that before......this will be my first trip to sri lanka and i'm really looking forward to the break. hope i can find some nice indian cottons and sari fabrics. And a nice beach.

spent 3 days experimenting on the draping for the asymmetric neckline on the gown to get the effect i wanted.

this is version 6, at least. i really liked version 5 which had numerous overlapping folds/pleats, done on the bias, making the tulle look like a different, textured fabric!

but it had less transparency.

i wasn't sure if shirley would like it. so i reduced the folds and ended up with this version.

today was the 1st and only fitting, since i was running short of time and still had tons to do.
being the good sport that shirley is, she tried on the gown sans side seams, side godets, lace on the bodice, zip and lining. i pinned her in and thankfully the body of the gown fit, and i didn't injure anyone with the super-sharp japanese pins. the bottom of the neckline V was a bit slack and needed some adjustments. pulling the excess fabric down 1 cm resolved the issue. 

she really liked the neckline and the diagonal folds/pleats. of course i had to tell her about the previous version and guess what? she liked that even better, especially when i did a little demo with a bit of tulle.
there was no way i can make the change and finish the gown by saturday.

after some discussion, we both agreed the gown will not be worn for the tatler ball on the 31st but for the prestige ball 2nd week november. this is cool as i really wanted to do version 5.

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  1. I'm loving this dress, can't wait to see the finished version.