Saturday, October 17, 2009

Work in Progress - Shirley's Ball Gown (1)

pic 2: front bodice and skirt; back bodice and skirt; added black tulle skirt to back

I'm halfway through sewing this gown and it's begining to look quite decadent!

there are 3 layers and lining to be sewn
layer 1 = taffeta in acid yellow.
layer 2 = black tulle, sewn together with layer 1 as one piece.
layer 3 = black tulle for the skirt , black lace for the bodice and black tulle for the draped shoulder/dropped sleeve.
lining is habutai silk in matching yellow. the lining will be a princess cut A-line.
there's also a wrap around sash in black tulle.....2 pieces which i will sew to side seams.

pics above show
1. front bodice and skirt pieces (layers 1 and 2) pinned to mandy, the M-size dress form.
2. back bodice and skirt pieces (layers 1 and 2)
3. added layer 3 (black tulle) to back skirt!
pics below:
1st pic: fabrics used.
2nd pic shows skirt and godet pieces pinned on taffeta and about to be cut.
i used 6.5 metres of taffeta 54" and 13 metres of tulle!

counted 62 separate pieces altogether. that's a lot of sewing.

no wonder this feels like a marathon!

pic 1: fabric - black beaded lace, black tulle, acid yellow taffeta; skirt pieces pinned on taffeta

more pics soon........

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