Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Bias Cut

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In a bias cut, the pattern pieces are cut diagonal to the warp or lengthwise grain of the fabric giving the garment more stretch, drape and “cling”.

The bias cut is ideal for designs requiring a lot of drape or stretch such as grecian draped dresses or gowns and the “tube” dress.

Body curves are emphasized using this cut, so if you’re like me and shaped like a stick, try a bias cut dress and you will be amazed to find you’ve got curves after all!

Peplums, draped frills and edge bindings are some of the items cut to leverage on the drape and stretch of the bias.

The bias cut was first developed by Madeleine Vionnet in the 1920’s. Her highly popular designs catapulted her to fame and set the direction of fashion in the 1930’s. I've posted a brief write-up on Vionnet HERE.

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  1. I loved a bias cut when I was younger and slightly less bumpy.