Sunday, November 22, 2009

Work in Progress - Sew Along: Lemongrass Silk Top

Casual Capsule Collection
Notes from the Sewing Studio 2009

I have resurrected the Sew Along project which had been put on hold for a (long) while.
It's nice to sew some casual clothes for a change, and nice to sew something for myself too.

Unfortunately, I won't be winning any prizes for the Sew Along as the deadline is 31st Dec to complete 6 items, but I may be able to complete 2.

I am aiming for 1 top in Nov, and the dress in Dec.

The colour scheme has changed from the pic above.
Colours are now Khaki, Lemongrass and Burnt Orange.
You can see the fabrics by clicking here.

I am using the lemongrass silk for the top, and can't decide between Burnt Orange and Khaki silks for the dress. But, one thing at a time.......

 Here's the work in progress for the top:

WIP Lemongrass top: Main and Lining
Notes from the Sewing Studio 2009

Pic 1 shows the main pieces which have been joined and Pic 2 shows the lining pieces which also has been sewn together. The lining is habutai silk.
Now I'm working on joining the lining to the main.
I find the easiest way is to join the pieces at the neckline, then the sleeve line.

This will create a sort of "tunnel" at the shoulders. I then pull the back pieces through the "tunnel" and voila! the seams will magically end up in between the main and lining.

(Note: if you are thinking of trying this technique, you have to do this step before sewing the back seam).

The difficult part for me is ensuring that both main and lining are the same width at the shoulders otherwise the top will not lie absolutely flat at the shoulders, and I will have to do the dreaded unpicking which is not easy with fragile silk.

So I need to iron, iron, iron and will probably tack both pieces together at the shoulders before machining.

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