Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fashion School: What I am doing now

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Researching spiders.

I don't particularly like the creatures, but I'm looking for something original for my design project, for which the final result would be a small collection for the end of course fashion show.

As budding designers, we have to be creative and original.
We can't just look at other designers' work and add A sleeves to B collar to C bodice and D skirt.

Jasmi is tough and he'll make us re-work our assignments until we get something original (This is my 3rd attempt at this assignment). But that's a good thing as he challenges me to expand my limited mental horizons.

At the same time, having been a left brained techy for most of my life, I'm having a lot of difficulty changing brain gears and finding an original theme without Jasmi saying "that's been done before."

"Is there anything someone hasn't done before?" I asked petulantly.

"You can have an original viewpoint, a fresh take on an existing subject." said Jasmi. There was just the slightest hint of exasperation in his tone.

He has repeated himself so many times to so many of us, he is almost hoarse. All the students apparently go through this process of trying to cut a new path through the creative wilderness only to find that someone else has gone before them and built a highway.


A fresh take on Spiders.

I may be jumping ahead of myself but I'm already imagining this would be good inspiration for some Goth stuff with a hint of Yamamoto minimalism, a bit of decaying Victorian grandeur a la Miss Havisham of Charles Dicken's "Great Expectations" and a touch of Anne Rice.

But don't tell Jasmi.
I'm supposed to go through the design process step by step.
And researching spiders is step1.

btw, did you know that the hogna helluo consumes the male after mating?

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