Saturday, December 19, 2009

I feel a new hobby coming on.......

Limhwa Half Elf
photo credit: needoll @ flickr

My original purpose was to get a ball-jointed doll to practise draping/pattern-making and design sampling.
After doing my research on what's available out there dolly-wise, I'm hooked and well on the way to joining the ranks of all the ball-jointed doll addicts out there.

I've made my first purchase: a 57cm Limhwa half-elf.

I requested red hair and green eyes as she's going to be an Irish elf-princess.
I'll get additional wigs and eyes later on for different looks. And I'm going to be doing the face-up for her.....apparently, all it takes is some practise......

I ordered from their US-based international site, , and had some queries which were answered promptly by 2 very helpful ladies, Catrina and Joan.

There are so many dolls out there and deciding which one to get is a real headache. It was a good thing I found the Den of Angels Forum, as they have discussions going on for all the various types of dolls.

Thanks to the discussions at Den of Angels, I realised I needed to get the optional high-heel feet as well as the normal feet and I was able to make the order together with the doll, saving me additional international courier fees.

There is also a thread comparing the poseability of the dolls, which is an important factor for me as I intend to use the doll as a photo model for my design samples. And the biggest bonus? some helpful person measured up her Limhwa elf and now I have a full set of measurements which means I can get some new clothes ready for her. The poor thing comes naked.

I also found the Flickr Ball-Jointed Dolls' groups to contain tons of photo's of the various dolls, which is great as I could see the dolls in various angles and different poses.

Here are some of the groups I looked at.

Be warned though......

photo credit:  Sⓘndy @ Flickr

How can you  resist these?
..........which is why I'm my way to the Latidoll site......

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