Monday, December 21, 2009

MFDC Shoe Design Competition - I've been shortlisted!

What a lovely Christmas surprise!
I've been shortlisted for the finals of the Malaysian Footwear Design Competition (MFDC) 2010, organised by the Perak Footwear Association.

Design teacher, Jasmi, helped me to focus and fine-tune my design for the leisure shoe category.

So Jasmi, a BIG "thank you" to you!

Finalists will take part in a fashion show to be held in 2010.
Next step is to get the shoe design made up.
The folks at the Perak Footwear Association have offered to help source an interested manufacturer.

This is sooooo exciting.......


  1. oooh, congratulations. Can you publish a pic or do you have to keep it secret??

  2. JenSA,
    the submission belongs to the competition organizers so I'm not free to publish it, but i'm getting the shoe made and once it has been used for the finals'fashion show, i guess there's no reason why i can't show a photo. will keep everyone posted.