Friday, December 4, 2009

Smoothing out the Lumps and Bumps

Notes from the Sewing Studio 2009

I call these my “investments”*lol*.

They pay multiple dividends in saving clothes which I would have dumped into the bin, and works a treat to smooth out those lumps and bumps. Now, even wearing body-hugging lycra is no longer a challenge for me. Bring 'em on, gals!

In the 50’s, Mum and all her friend wore them and they looked great with their wasp-like waists and smooth bodylines. Mum looked fantastic in her form-fitting cheongsams way into her mid-60’s.

Corsets have come a long way comfort-wise. Unlike Mum, I don’t have to squeeze myself into something obviously too small for me in an effort to obtain the requisite hourglass figure. I can breathe and eat full-sized portions at dinner parties.

What works best for me when buying corsets, is to find one that fits well, feels comfortable but smooths out the body line. By having a sleeker figure, I automatically look slimmer anyway.

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