Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wishing you a Joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year

My Christmas Tree
Notes from the Sewing Studio 2009

Wishing you a Christmas that's full of Joy, Peace and Happiness.
May 2010 be the year your dreams come true.

See you in the New Year.


  1. hi Jean, nice work you are doing. Fashion is so beautiful at times, but it lasts not long. Have a look into the fashion of my pets, the Red Sea plankton. This "fashion" lasts tens of thousands of years without much change as far as I know.

    All of my blogs are listed under http://mein-abenteuer-mein-leben.blogspot.com/, and the plankton here: http://rotes-meer-ueberblick.blogspot.com, http://copepoden-im-roten-meer.blogspot.com, http://macrophthalmus-zoea.blogspot.com, http://assiminea.blogspot.com, and more will be added soon.

    With regard to coffee addiction have a view here: http://geliebte-bilder-zwei.blogspot.com/, antique coffee cups and saucers from Den Haag, Netherlands, created about 1780. They belonged to the collection of my beloved mother (dead since 30 years) but I had to sell them because lack of money.

    I am 77 and live near the city of Wismar in Germany and used to be scientist in marine research. Greetings to your beautiful country from Aryaman

  2. Aryaman,
    Thanks for dropping by. You are right, the best and most timeless designs come from nature!

    As a designer, I look to nature as a fantastic source of inspiration.

    I find your blog and the photos of the plankton very interesting!

    We have Mabul island in East Malaysia which is famous for its varieties of nudibranches/worms/spanish dancers.