Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shoe Design Competition - MFDC 2010: 1st Prize Ladies Leisure Shoe

Shoe Design Competition, MFDC 2010
1st Prize Ladies Leisure Shoes
Photo taken by my friend, Kelly, another design student.

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The photo above is my winning entry for the MFDC 2010 Shoe Design Competition in the Ladies Leisure Shoe category. Finals were held last year April, my birthday month. So that was a really wonderful birthday present!

The competition is organised by the Malaysian Footwear Association. The way the competition works is that there are 4 categories:  Ladies Fashion Shoe, Ladies Evening Shoe, Ladies Leisure Shoes and Men's Shoe.  The Grand Prize Winner is chosen from among the 1st prize winners of each category. I didn't win the Grand Prize.....that was won by the winner of the Ladies Fashion Shoe, and it was very well deserved as his design was outstanding.