Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shoe Design Competition - MFDC 2010: 1st Prize Ladies Leisure Shoe

Shoe Design Competition, MFDC 2010
1st Prize Ladies Leisure Shoes
Photo taken by my friend, Kelly, another design student.

Note: this is the last entry for this blog. you can find my new blog is at

The photo above is my winning entry for the MFDC 2010 Shoe Design Competition in the Ladies Leisure Shoe category. Finals were held last year April, my birthday month. So that was a really wonderful birthday present!

The competition is organised by the Malaysian Footwear Association. The way the competition works is that there are 4 categories:  Ladies Fashion Shoe, Ladies Evening Shoe, Ladies Leisure Shoes and Men's Shoe.  The Grand Prize Winner is chosen from among the 1st prize winners of each category. I didn't win the Grand Prize.....that was won by the winner of the Ladies Fashion Shoe, and it was very well deserved as his design was outstanding.

For fashion design students, I would really recommend you try to enter as many competitions as you can, and for fashion students in Malaysia, this is the big national competition for shoe design.

Granted I have limited experience in this area, and I wouldn't even have entered but for Jasmi, my design teacher who kept saying to us students:

"You have to try. The experience is good for you. And even if you don't win, you will learn to handle disappointment. "

Thank you Jasmi. For your very wise words and your unstinting support.

The reason for entering competitions is because the publicity is good, and having a winner in your portfolio is a real plus. In this competition, the Grand Prize Winner got a chance to work with a large shoe retailer and part of the prize was attending an international shoes trade fair with the shoe association people. Also, your name gets into the database of finalists and winners at the Malaysian Footwear Association, one of the places the design companies, manufacturers and retailers go to for their interns and to fill up positions. For about a year after the competition, I got emails about job vacancies.

From a personal point of view, suddenly I found myself elevated from being a mere fashion design student to Designer status, in the eyes of relatives, friends and acquaintances; and my services were sought after for designing/making things like evening wear and wedding gowns besides shoes. Unfortunately, I was not ready for any of these opportunities that fame (yeah, right! ; )) brought to my doorstep  and had to explain to everyone that hey! I am still a 1st year student at SML, and I am not ready to go into business. And no, I can't actually make the shoes myself. I worked with a shoe designer recommended by the school, who had all the specialised equipment for shoe-making, though I did the embellishments...beadings, the carving of the african mother and child which is not really a carving but molded from paper clay and painted over with acrylic paint....which is ok for a prototype.

Anyway, this is last year's big news and things have moved on.
I have taken a long break from fashion college, hardly did any sewing and so this blog have been neglected.
I have started sewing again and plan to re-start fashion college next year.

I am so grateful to Madam, the principal at my school, who was really understanding, and will keep the course open for when I am ready to go back.

So this is really a good time to say adieu to this blog, and I have started a new blog which is a personal journal of my creative journey in fashion, sewing, art and travelling with some inspiration, thoughts and musings thrown in. You can find it at

I leave you with a photo of my prize certificate which I put on my bookshelf to impress visitors ; )

MDFC 2010 Certificate, 1st Prize Ladies Leisure Shoe